School Coaching

Want to get involved with table tennis in your school?

Gavin Evans currently works throughout schools in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire delivering table tennis to and raise the self esteem of our young people of the world today. Table tennis is a great way to get young people involved in a healthy, active lifestyle and is recognised as a life long sport so that once someone has learned to play table tennis they can participate for a lifetime.

GTE Sports can work with your school to provide table tennis in a number of ways:

  • Cover PPA

  • PE lessons

  • 1-2-1 table tennis coaching

  • After school club

  • Before school morning club

  • Motivational table tennis assembly

  • Nurturing Through Table Tennis

Schools can also arrange for Gavin to come in to schools and run individual pupil mentoring sessions to allow the children to speak openly, gain confidence and feel a sense of reward. This is how “Nurturing Through Table Tennis” was created.

Nurturing Through Table Tennis

Table tennis is a fantastic way to channel a young person’s energy and mindset in a positive way. Sport develops a growth mindset and teaches discipline so that a child always believes that there is progression in every skill that they will learn, have learned or are learning.

A growth mindset provides a young person to be able to learn a wide range of transferable skills, from counting to time keeping to problem solving, so they they can excel in school and in life.

Nurturing Through Table Tennis develops this growth mindset in a young person. As table tennis is the fastest sport in the world it requires a lot of cognitive and perceptual skill. These skills can be transferred into their school and social life which will raise their self-esteem and confidence and allows them to grow as an individual. It enables a young person to believe that if they put enough hard work and dedication into something then they will succeed.

GTE Sports believe that everyone is different and everyone learns in a different way and at a different rate but everyone has the ability to improve their own individual self. Because of this, individuals are praised for improving their own skills and are not compared to anybody else – as long as a young person has progressed, either mentally, physically or socially, then they have overcome hurdles, achieved and grown as a person.

The journey to the solution is just as important as solving the problem.

Benefits of Nurturing Through Table Tennis and a growth mindset:

  • Improve problem solving
  • Believe that they can learn anything they want to
  • I want to challenge myself
  • If I’m frustrated, I persevere
  • If you succeed, I’m inspired
  • I can always improve
  • When I fail, I learn
  • My effort and attitude determine everything

The founder of GTE Sports, Gavin Evans, inspires children around the UK with his sporting achievements and personality.

“The most rewarding thing for me is simply changing the approach a young person has to life in positive and more structured way”

Gavin Evans


Teacher Training Table Tennis Days

If table tennis is part of your curriculum and you feel you would like to know more about the game, we can help you. We can arrange for Gavin to come into your school to deliver table tennis to the PE staff, taking them through the basic techniques. Along with filling the staff with knowledge of the game, so they have the confidence to teach the children effectively.

We cater for a wide range of specific circumstances, whether in state schools or private schools, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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