1 2 1 Coaching

Gavin and Team CelebrationGavin is a unique and specialist table tennis coach who has been coaching on a 1-2-1 basis for over 6 years. Currently on his books he has the British Number 1 Junior boy, England number 3 Cadet boy and numerous other international table tennis players including the performance squad at the University of Nottingham. Gavin also has a big field of younger players, currently coaching around 100 school children a week.

One of Gavin’s greatest passions is to deliver sports specific exercises off the table to make a players body composition perfect, to optimise their performance.

Benefits of 1-2-1 training

  • Intensive training
  • Specific training program designed for every individual
  • Specialist knowledge
  • Multi-ball training
  • Analysis of your game
  • Match specific drills and tactics
  • Fitness training designed to strengthen the body for table tennis


Multi-ball is a training tool used by Gavin a lot to speed up a player’s reactions, improve footwork, movement and to increase a player’s power. It is also used to develop skills in isolation by breaking down a weakness and to advance fitness levels.

Gavin has spent many years in a physio room rehabilitating his own body due to cartilage tears in his hips. This is turn has given him an understanding and passion to help others become the perfect athlete as well as table tennis player.

Fitness training

From injury, Gavin realises the importance of looking after your body and keeping it strong and healthy to be able to meet the high demands of the sport. Gavin can offer support in physical training by setting exercises to strengthen the core, legs, hips, and back.

“My passion for delivering the best physical training is driven by different experiences throughout my career, learning from them and transferring my knowledge to players looking to improve.”

“My style is to enable a player to reach their full potential by focusing on what they are good and improving those skills. In respect to a players weakness we look at a period of the year which would be best to break those weaknesses down, and actively look to correct them. Prioritising the strokes we both believe are most important.”

Gavin is based in the Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire area. If you would like to take the next step in your stage of development, please to not hesitate to contact Gavin on:

Tel: 07453301990

Email: gtetabletennis@gmail.com

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