“Are you ready to take that next step to becoming who you want to be?”

Gavin provides an exquisite service for those looking to improve their game quickly. “One problem in table tennis, players often have to travel too far to access top quality coaching.”

The system Gavin uses is designed to monitor and support an athletes performance over a period of months/years using video footage technology. Whether a player’s fitness needs to improve or a tweak to technical strokes, he will provide you with the information you need, taking you through step by step improvements which can be made. Gavin will use slow motion shots with audio so you can see in depth what happens to your shots when under pressure

Basic Package includes:

  1. A Skype call, giving you the chance to talk to Gavin about what you want.
  2. An analysis of your game with a report to help you move forward in a positive way.
  3. Training tips and advice (includes fitness).
  4. An email service.
  5. Help with the psychological aspect of the game.

 Premium Package includes:

  1. A personalised video specific to the needs of an individual.
  2. A Skype call to iron out any issues, and to go through in depth any questions.
  3. An email service to support the programme.
  4. 6 week tailored training programme to follow.
  5. Slow motion technology with voice over.
  6. 10% off private coaching.

This is designed to aid and speed up development. All exercises set will be specific to a players circumstances whether you have a world class practice partner, or a table tennis robot.

“I will aim to push and mentor all athletes giving them the best chance to fulfill their dreams!”

Please contact Gavin to find out more about this service and see if it is right for you!