New Diet, New Me!

Can your diet help rehabilitate an injury and more importantly prevent an injury occurring?

Ok, so as many of you will know, table tennis was something that gave me huge amount of success, and a life one could never have dreamt of. Competing was all I had ever known and consequently I loved every second of it. I have always ever since a very small child wanted to be the best, and I have had a warrior like instinct to get there.

Over the last couple of years, injury in one particular part of my body has been extremely common, which has forced me to take a different route, although fortunately doing something I love. 3 operations on both my hips and steroid injections in my shoulder, yet still I experience pain when playing. This for me is very difficult to swallow, as I still feel in good form with my touch and feel around the table. I feel angry this has happened to me, as the sport I love playing is getting more difficult due to lack of mobility in my hips. I ask myself the question was I given the vital information about looking after my body when I was younger? Did I over train at a young age? Did I allow my emotionally love for the sport to take over the mature calculated approach I should of have for developing as an athlete? Was my nutrition correct?


During my time spent at the Isokinetic clinic in London just of Bond Street, the physio told me they would like to do a study on hip injuries in table tennis. Is it inherited, or is it a lack of knowledge of anatomy & physiology and bio-mechanics in our sport which is damaging us? After all the positions table tennis players put themselves in, are somewhat abnormal at times! The first surgeon that operated on me in London said he believes my condition was hereditary; he also operated on Ryan Giggs, so clearly very reputable.


So all that you have read above, of me expressing my anger, is the real passion behind what I do now. It is also the real catalyst into creating educational videos so people can have the right knowledge before training very hard.

Alkaline Foods

List of Alkaline Foods/Drinks 


Baking Soda Broccoli
Dulse Seaweed Fresh Greens
Lemons Banchi Tea
Lentils Carrots
Limes Cashews
Lotus Root Garlic
Mineral Water Ginger
Nectarine Grapefruit
Onions Kale
Persimmon Kiwi Fruit
Pineapple Herbal tea
Pumpkin Seed Herbs
Raspberry Logan berry
Sea Salt Mango
Sea Vegetable Mustard Green
Seaweed Olive
Spirulina Parsley
Sweet potato Parsnip
Tangerine Passion Fruit Peas
Taro root Peppers
Vegetable Juices Spices
Watermelons Turnip
Apples Sweetcorn
Apricots Soy Sauce
Chlorella Asparagus

All of the foods mentioned above are examples of alkaline foods and drinks.

Acidic Foods

List of Acidic Foods/ Drinks


Basmati Rice Peanuts
Beer Pecans
Casein Pistachio Seeds
Chestnut Oil Pomegranate
Chicken Popcorn
Coffee Pork
Corn Prunes
Cottage Cheese Rye
Cranberry Snow Peas
Egg Whites Soy Milk
Fructose Squid
Garbanzo Beans Artificial Sweeteners
Green Peas Barley
Honey Beef
Ketchup Brazil Nuts
Lard Bread
Maize Brown Sugar
Mussels Fruit juices with Sugar
Mustard Jam/Jelly
Nutmeg Fried foods
Oat Bran Ice Cream
Olives Liquor
Pasta Lobster
Pastry White Bread
Pickles Processed Cheese
Sugar Yogurt
Yeast Wine

All these foods/drinks listed are acidic.

So does having an alkaline diet work?

So, Why the lists? Why the Blog? I was at a table tennis tournament and someone said “why are you not playing?” the reason was simple; the pain in my hip was too great. He then proceeded to tell me, how he has never had any problems with his body before, and the reason behind it, was he has a very rich alkaline diet.

So over the next few months, I will be uploading recipes and videos of my diet and keeping everyone informed to whether the effects of changing my diet has a positive effect on my ability to play table tennis pain free!

Now some of you may have noticed, most of the meat is acidic. I will still be eating meat and other acidic foods; however it will be high quality meat. I will change from white pasta and white rice to brown and I will up my intake of all other alkaline foods, and get rid of the pointless acidic foods.

Who knows? I may be back fitter, faster and stronger!

I will keep you posted!

Gavin Evans

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