Thank You to Powerhouse Fitness

OK, so today something happened which filled me with delight. I have been working very hard for the last couple of years to achieve this, and today that vision/dream came true! 13 months ago, I bought my first house after moving out of my flat with my lovely girlfriend. Powerhouse Fitness sent us 3 pallets and over 2 tonnes of equipment to help us improve our fitness and continue with our business plan. Yes, I now have a fully commercial home gym in my converted garage!

I believe that keeping a healthy body keeps a healthy mind and consequently has an enormous impact to the happiness of oneself. Whether you are a businessman, a stay at home Mum/Dad or retired, never neglect the power you have to keep yourself active and joyful. Working out releases endorphins, and has proven to release stress, strengthen the heart and improve sleep.

I will now start uploading videos and vlogs for everyone viewing my blogs or following my YouTube channel. The videos will include:

  • work out tips
  • specific workouts
  • and most importantly coaching you through the movements so that you can do them properly and gain the full benefits of training!

My fitness videos are going to be specific to the sport you do or the lifestyle you lead, what is the point of training generically to look good? It has to be relevant to the sport or lifestyle you lead. This is called specificity and it plays a crucial role in becoming a healthier and happier person!

The videos will be uploaded to my website and YouTube channel – Gavin Evans.

If you want to feature on my YouTube channel and/or website, simply ask me a question, then I will upload a video answering your question and guiding you through exercises,

Please contact me and feel free to ask me questions and I will do my very best to help!

Tweet me your question @GavinEvansTT

I am now going to start building my gym- there will be before and after photos coming soon!

Gavin Evans

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